Finding meaningfulness and friends in nature

By Lynn Sully
Managing Editor, Senior Writer

It’s a small world. I was reminded of this recently when reviewing the photos for a report on the Nature Conservancy of Canada and its commitment to innovation that we published in The Globe and Mail on July 24, 2014. As someone who grew up hiking in southern Alberta, I was immediately attracted to a stunning photograph of Waterton Park – which I then saw was taken by Karol and Don Dabbs. 

Karol was my music teacher in elementary school, and she and her husband Don became close friends of my parents (the two of them even joined our family on a holiday to Fiji in 1996). 
Don and Karol were strong supporters of NCC. As accomplished photographers, they provided the organization with many images and videos of our country’s landscapes, flora and fauna. Don also served on NCC’s board of directors. 

Last year, Don died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 68, a death that shocked and saddened a wide community of friends and colleagues.

Seeing that photo, I was reminded of Don’s talent and the inspiration he took from Canada’s landscapes. I think it’s crucially important that we all spend more time in nature and take greater responsibility for conserving and protecting our country’s natural areas. 

It was a pleasure working on the NCC report, and my personal connection to Don and Karol simply heightened the experience. 

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